Intellectual property rights

The product candidates are protected by several international patents. The mother-company of Xinnate, In2cure, owns and maintains the BioC patent portfolio and has granted Xinnate a worldwide exclusive license for all external indications in the areas of skin and wounds, surgery and biomaterials. Link to list of patents

Patent family 1 – BioC – P7834    
Grant no.TitleCountry/statusApplicantGrant dateExpiry date
EP1987056B1Novel antimicrobial peptides and use thereofEuropean (EPO) patent in force in Germany (DE), France (FR), United Kingdom(UK) Switzerland/Lichtenstein (CH/LI)in2cure25 July 201212 Feb 2027
US8076286B2Antimicrobial peptides and use thereofU.S. patent in forcein2cure 13 Dec 201112 Feb 2027 + an additional 294 days.
Patent family 2 - BioC -P10144
Grant no.TitleCountry/statusApplicantGrant dateExpiry date
EP2480567B1Thrombin c-terminal polypeptides and uses thereof for treating inflammation or coagulation disordersEuropean (EPO) patent in force in
Switzerland/Lichtenstein (CH), Germany (DE), Denmark (DK) France (FR), United Kingdom (GB/UK), Ireland (IE) , Sweden (SE).
in2cure10 Aug 201622Sept 2030
US8735353B2Polypeptides and uses thereofU.S. patent in forcein2cure 27 May 201422Sept 2030