The Market

We are initially targeting the rare skin disease Epidermolysis Bullosa. Xinnate´s other projects in pipeline target patient populations and procedures in need of the most advanced treatments for wounds and dysfunctional inflammation.

Wounds and injuries are one of the most common health conditions, effecting billions of people globally. Millions of people suffer from trauma and burns as result of accidents and violence and still more people acquire wounds due to complications from diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Particularly the acquired types of wounds are estimated to increase dramatically, as more people will suffer from chronic conditions leading to wounds, and also as a result of an increasing aging population that are susceptible of acquiring wounds.

The total global wound care market is expected to reach EUR 18 Billion by 2022 from EUR 15 Billion in 2017, a  calculated annual growth of 3.7%. The advanced wound care market, which is our primary target market, is estimated to  EUR 7 Bio. The primary need in this industry is to decrease the dependency on antibiotics and on the questioned antiseptic substances and to focus on sustainable solutions with a proven efficacy. Based on the unique mode of action we believe that BioC gel could claim that space and that the Xinnate product portfolio will be able to cover a market of at least 1 billion Euro.


1. Surgical infections affects 30-40 patients per 1000 operations, leading to prolonged hospital stay by 11 days and increase in hospitalization costs by 20%, according to European data. The mortality rate in wound infection is 5%.

2. Acute burn wounds requiring medical treatment affect more than half a million Americans each year, resulting in 400000 hospital stays and 4000 deaths. The annual cost of treating these burns is estimated to be in excess of USD 1bio not including the indirect costs of disability and rehabilitation.

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